The integrated logistics process at Anfatis

Integrated logistics is our specialisation!
It enables us to optimise production costs and times, improving the quality of the service provided.


What is integrated logistics?

Integrated logistics is when a multitude of information, skills, platforms and instruments converge within a logistics process architecture. All these elements take place separately within a traditional logistics process, rather than in a single ecosystem.

This process is grounded in the clear and explicit sharing of various steps and transparency with partners and suppliers. Therefore the constant sharing of reports and statistics is important.

Those who turn to us benefit from the daily monitoring of sales and/or shipments. In addition to all this, we periodically share detailed files on warehouse stocks, based on the client’s requirements, considering the most useful details for them.

Integrated Logistics enables us to provide tailored solutions in response to the requirements of those who choose Anfatis group. All our activities are modular and enable a greater degree of customisation, based on requested parameters.


The architecture of the Anfatis integrated logistics process




Purchase Area

Customer Area

Supply Chain



Custom modular services

  • Pharmaceutical products including drugs

  • Medical Devices

  • Food supplements, including organic,

  • Dermocosmetics

  • Sanitary Items

  • Braces and healthcare products for human and veterinary use, in accordance with Italian Legislative Decrees 219/2006, 193/2006, Italian Presidential Decree 309/90, Italian Legislative Decree 158/12.

Storage and logistics services

  • Reception and/or collection on behalf of; of stock from manufacturers and/or their subcontractors;

  • Inbound check;

  • Storage in air conditioned and controlled temperature facilities > 25°C in refrigerated cell at 2-8°C if necessary;

  • Acceptance of fiscal burden;

  • Quarantine management

  • Reception of orders from clients, agents, customers or PA directly or through CRM/ DAFNE platform/ Direct Negotiation;

  • Checking of orders;

  • Processing for the issuing of pick lists for single orders or the FIFO method;

  • Pick lists for single orders;

  • Checking of picked orders;

  • Packaging;

  • Definitive assignment of specialised competent courier based on weight, area and nature of goods, t°C, special requirements;

  • Labelling of packages;

  • Printing of delivery notes or packing slips;

  • Creation of transmission files for couriers involved, to ensure shipment traceability; assignment to selected couriers for delivery to recipients.

  • Transmission of ministry of Health NIS of movement details on medicines for human and veterinary use to guarantee traceability;

  • Tailored supply chain of samples and information material for pharmaceuticals representatives/ agents;

  • Back office and Direct Negotiation service with Client

  • Warehouse inventories

  • Area for obsolete, expired and damaged products, with conferral for disposal by a leading specialised company (Omnisyst);

  • Recall/withdrawal from market

  • Availability of equipped meeting rooms in Milan, Padua and Foligno for the staff of clients; insurance of goods for theft, armed robbery, damage, from reception at our storage facilities to delivery to the recipient Client.

Storage and logistics services with integrated services

  • Including those listed under storage and logistics services, with the addition of administrative, fiscal and financial services, consisting of:

  • The issuing of invoices in the name of Anfatis on behalf of the client,

  • issuing of fiscal invoice through the Italian electronic invoicing system.

  • Issuing of cash orders/ direct remittance for PA,

  • Collection from Client and remittance to Principal in accordance with agreed terms,

  • Ordinary management of out-of-court debt settlements

  • Legal assistance for debt recovery